Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Philadelphia Part 2

Now that we've finished watching the movie Philadelphia, what did you notice about Joe Miller's (Denzel Washington) characters change? Throughout the movie, his actions, viewpoints, and actions shift. Explain to me how he changes and why you think this change takes place.

Secondly, why is it significant that this movie is set in Philadelphia, the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed?


  1. well joe's attitude changed in the movie because at first he didnt want anyting to do with his frieend andrew cause he had aids. he thought that everything that andrew touched in joe's office, joe would get aids too. but once he realized how andrew was feeling about huis disease, he changed. like he actually cared about andrew and he would everything in his powewr to make him feel better. and he did by winning the case.

    maybe they filmed this movie in philadelphia because of all the events that went on during that specific time like the declaration of independance which was signed. and the liberty bell.

    A.K.A. DIMARY!

  2. Denzel Washington was a very important character in the movie. First off, he doesn't really have a warm feeling towards him because he has AIDS, and he doesn't really care about gays. However, as the case continues, denzel has a warmer feeling for Andrew. Also,know he is a bit wary of gays.

    Furthermore, the significant of the D.O.I. is simple: Andrew got fired because he had a disease. However, the D.O.I. says all men are equally. With that, those men are disrepecting their country.

    Waldemar Morety 703

  3. what i noticed about joe is that he is not judge mental about gays or people that have aids because now he knows that they are not so different from the people that are not infected. he is all so noticing that living a life being a gay or having hiv can be normal with the ones you love and taking your medicen everyday.

    i think they filmed this movie in phili because they wrote the declaration of independce and it involves alot of justice and indepence for gays and people that have aids.

  4. i think he does change because the case became about a hole different topic and focus because it was first about his homo sexuality den it turned in to his aids and how this other lady had it to and how they became to be treated differently

  5. he changed alot because he proved to his mother that he didnt like hiv and gay people but that all changed when he met andrew and said that he is gay and threw out the movie you see him changing because of andrew and he starts noticing that gay people are normal fun human beans

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  7. when i saw the moive - alot of things started to chnage ; a year passed and was getting ver old ; he was loseing his hair getting legets - and they were looking like bruses - i felt bad for him ; i wanted to cry cause if i was him ; i dont know what would i do