Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Literary Essay Thesis and Evidence

On this post, explain what the thesis of your paper is and give some evidence that supports your thesis.


  1. My thesis of my paper is based on "change". The physical changes and the life changes that occurs during a person having HIV/AIDS. Like in the book, Nancy's life changes and her feelings about everything changes too. She thinks back to her mistakes and is going back and forth with her emotions.


  2. My thesis is: When Nancy gets raped, it changes her life compelety. For one thing, she is already mad at herself for falinng for Collin. Plus, she has HIV, causing her to have an emotionaL breakdown. Now, she is even trying to keep the secret that she has AIDS. Now THAT'S a big change.

    Waldemar Morety 703

  3. Nataly
    My thesis is based on emotion i chose this thesis because i think its important emotion can lead to many things its part of those feelings you may feel and i think its a great thesis because she is going to change emotion.

  4. well my theme is fantasy and my thesis statement is '' fantasy can over rule real ife sometimes '' i think one fact to support my thesis statement is when she first thought collin was a angel from above but when she saw his real side of him she knew she thougt wrong.

    *** zasha ****

  5. well my thesis is the hiv/aids virus cause that is what the book is about
    my topic is fear because she is very scared to do some stuff cause it reminds her of colin and what happened
    one fact to support my thesis and my topic is when she gets very scared cause she is starting to get very sick and getting alot of fever.
    and when she starts thinking about the future and starts thinking if her child is going to be like colin so she is very frightened


  6. thesis - how nancy's dissions lead to her rape and how she could have dont to prevent it frm happing .

  7. in my thesis nacy is scared to slow everything she has - thats why my theme is fear - she dont wanna lose anything - her own parents have chnaged

    you could find that in PG35 in the book
    - yarisa